Gabber Modus Operandi’s sexual abuse investigations disrupted due to “insufficient facts”

The Indonesian duo have been cleared to resume activities following a professional mediator’s investigations due to lack of evidence

Indonesian experimental duo Gabber Modus Operandi have shared the results of an investigation conducted by an external moderator following recently surfaced allegations that an unnamed member of the group sexually abused someone in 2019.

On 26 August, Gabber Modus Operandi announced on social media that they were pausing all activities to aid in an investigation. While the details of the incident were not revealed, the duo claimed that the alleged victim accused one of its members of sexual abuse in a since-deleted tweet on 9 August. The duo shared the steps they were taking to ensure a smooth investigation

Today (September 2), the duo shared an update on the investigation, posting an official document on social media written up by participating mediator Ditta Wisnu. The full document is available in PDF format here.

Read the full document via Gabber Modus Operandi’s Instagram below.

Wisnu’s investigation process started off with the creation of a channel through which the alleged victim or anyone with information on the alleged case could come forward to share their knowledge of the incident. According to Wisnu’s report, the alleged victim did not come forth with any information.

Wisnu’s investigations lead to the conclusions that due to insufficient evidence and reporting from the alleged victim, her companions, and the parties that circulated the screenshots through private channels, there are “insufficient facts to determine whether or not a criminal act of sexual violence occurred”.

Wisnu also noted that the mediation process could not proceed as the alleged victim has yet to submit a formal complaint of the incident. Wisnu’s report goes on to state that mediation investigations are built on “the agreement of both parties” to resolve the case.

Wisnu’s report revealed the identity of the alleged perpetrator in the case was Ican Harem, though the alleged victim remained named. The report also notes that no individuals involved in the case attempted to reach out to the mediator privately.

The report states that when Wisnu called the alleged victim, she was “denied access to speak with the alleged victim, and the mediator gets the impression that there are parties who are hindering efforts to resolve this case by hanging up the phone and turning off the phone”.

Wisnu’s report states that Harem “conceded” that the incident in question did occur in 2019 and that he accepts responsibility for the incident and any of its potential outcomes.

Wisnu noted in her report that she examined two versions of screenshots as evidence in her investigations. The first version was a direct screenshot of the victim’s tweet where she identified Harem, deemed herself a victim, and shared that she had kept the incident to herself for a long time.

The second version of the screenshot includes additional information shared by the alleged victim 52 minutes after posting – and later deleting – the first tweet about the incident. In the second tweet, the alleged victim seemingly noted that the incident was a consensual act, but that she later regretted her decision.

Based on information the accused (Harem) provided, the first version of the tweet and the alleged victim’s non-confirmation of the incident, Wisnu says she’s led to believe that “both the alleged victim and the alleged perpetrator were not in a good capacity to consent” during the alleged incident in 2019.

However, Wisnu notes that due to “the alleged victim’s lack of goodwill”, the mediation process has been disrupted, which means the settlement of the case cannot be fulfilled.

Wisnu now recommends that Gabber Modus Operandi can resume their activities, hold meetings to further understand the issue of sexual violence and keep the recently opened complaint service – of which neither GMO members nor their team have access to – through

Wisnu also recommends that name restoration and psychological recovery be performed for Ican Harem, his bandmate Kasimyn and their manager Wok, the latter two of whom were accused of being “enablers” in the alleged case.

Last month, it was revealed that the duo have collaborated with Björk on her upcoming album, ‘Fossora’, which is expected to release in late September. The duo and Björk also reportedly share a group chat on WhatsApp named “biological techno”, coined after Gabber Modus Operandi sent the latter a beat that matched that description.