Gabber Modus Operandi issue statement responding to alleged sexual abuse investigation

Alleged perpetrator Ican Harem will be taking a six-month hiatus from the group to “improve himself”

Gabber Modus Operandi have issued a statement in response to the results of mediation following the allegations that a member of the group sexually abused someone in 2019. The investigations were reportedly disrupted due to “insufficient facts” and “parties who are hindering efforts to resolve this case”. 

In a statement posted on the duo’s Instagram page on September 6, Gabber Modus Operandi explained why they had decided to seek mediation over the accusations, appointing mediator Ditta Wisnu as a neutral party to afford the accuser a safe space to detail their complaints on August 26. 

The duo also clarified that mediation was not an attempt to “nullify or reconcile a criminal offense”, but an attempt to settle the dispute in a manner amicable to both parties. 

The statement went on to outline the steps the duo are taking in response to Wisnu’s report, which was issued on September 2. Gabber Modus Operandi will maintain a complaints channel for the next two months, with the channel only accessible by independent teams to offer any possible victims assistance. Complaints can be made to

Secondly, the duo have also committed to opening a shared learning space on sexual violence in Bali in hopes of fostering a collective understanding that will keep people safe from sexual violence.

Thirdly, Gabber Modus Operandi will support member Ican Harem through a six-month rehabilitation process, which includes consultation with psychologists and education on sexual violence. The duo will also provide counselling for their internal workers and their families.

The duo also announced a commitment to communicating problems encountered by those working with them. The final step shared in the statement states that bandmate Kasimyn will lead Gabber Modus Operandi’s musical activities during the recovery process, and will perform all live performances and DJ sets.

Gabber Modus Operandi’s Ican Harem previously issued a personal statement of apology regarding the sexual abuse allegations and the subsequent investigations, which identified Harem as the alleged perpetrator in the case.

Read Harem’s full statement via Harem’s personal Instagram below.

In the statement, Harem apologised for the events that transpired, writing that the events alleged were borne “without any element of coercion, pressure, or intimidation”. “It has never been my intention to cause harm to others or to have any similar impact in the future,” he wrote.

Harem proceeded to address his personal silence since the start of the investigation, attributing it to comments on his lack of knowledge on gender issues, his decision to “step back and listen”, and to process the situation: “I prefer that the truth come from the affected person (X) rather than from me, because I recognise that my position as a man is more advantageous in situations like this.”

Harem proceeded to detail his attending of professional counseling during the mediating period, and acknowledged his full commitment in implementing and carrying out Wisnu’s recommendations with full responsibility.

In the mediator’s report released on August 26, Wisnu recommended the group to resume their activities, while holding meetings on understanding sexual violence and maintaining the complaint service created during the mediation process.

In the statement, Harem also acknowledged the efforts of his bandmate Kasimyn and his manager Wok, as well as his wife Manda, for helping him navigate the situation and learn “accountability and responsibility.” Earlier in Wisnu’s statement, both Kasimyn and Wok were accused of being “enablers” in the alleged case, and were recommended for name restoration and psychological recovery. Harem noted their efforts as the “two people remain committed to the advancement, transparency and accountability of GMO”.

Last month, Gabber Modus Operandi were revealed as collaborators with Björk on her upcoming album, ‘Fossora’. According to details of a Guardian interview, the  duo share a WhatsApp group chat with the Icelandic icon named “biological techno”, where they shared beats which were edited into the album. “They’re taking tradition into the 21st century, which I really respect. They do it like nobody else,” Björk commented on the group.

Björk released her collaboration with the duo, titled ‘Atopos’ on September 6. The track credits Gabber Modus Operandi’s DJ Kasimyn as a collaborator, but not Ican Harem. Kasimyn also features in the track’s accompanying music video. 

Additional reporting by Scott Ng.