GAC’s Audrey Tapiheru releases stirring ballad, ‘Menanti-Nanti’

The latest look into her upcoming solo EP, ‘Lovelock’

Indonesian singer-songwriter Audrey Tapiheru has released ‘Menanti-Nanti’, her latest solo single.

It is the latest look into the GAC member’s upcoming solo EP, ‘Lovelock’. The track arrived on streaming platforms yesterday (October 6) via Sony Music Indonesia as the second EP track revealed so far, after September’s ‘Dime’.

Like ‘Dime’, ‘Menanti-Nanti’ involves Tapiheru’s brother and GAC bandmate Gamaliél Tapiheru and producer Aldi Nada Permana as composers.


The track is a slow-burning ballad that places Tapiheru’s voice front and centre – a sombre switch-up from the pop-R&B of ‘Dime’.

Listen to ‘Menanti-Nanti’ below.

A music video for ‘Menanti-Nanti’ may be on the way. On Sunday (October 3), Tapiheru teased a visual when she shared a clip of herself listlessly playing with a stuffed toy.

According to Antara, the EP’s title ‘Lovelock’ is inspired by the K-pop tradition of fans “locking” their heart for their favourite idol. The final ‘Lovelock’ track, ‘Constantly You’, is due for release on October 20.


Tapiheru is best known as a member of GAC alongside bandmates Gamaliél and Cantika Abigail. The band have been on hiatus since August 2019.

GAC, formed in 2010, have released three albums over the span of the last 11 years. Following their hiatus, Gamaliél released his debut solo EP ‘Q1’ in March.

In April, Cantika Abigail released a solo single, ‘Tak Mungkin Ku Melepasmu’. Abigail is also scheduled to perform at the upcoming FLAVS Festival at the end of October.

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