GAC’s Audrey Tapiheru to release solo EP ‘LoveLock’

The first track 'Dime' arrives later this month

Audrey Tapiheru, one-third of Indonesian pop band GAC, has shared her plans to release the solo EP ‘LoveLock’.

Tapiheru is better known as a member of Indonesian pop trio GAC, alongside bandmates Gamaliél Tapiheru and Cantika Abigail. The band are currently on a temporary hiatus which began in August 2019.

Tapiheru began drip-feeding her fans information about the EP on her Instagram account from late August, and has now furnished concrete details of the project. Its three songs are ‘Dime’, ‘Menanti-nanti’ and ‘Constantly You’, which will be released over the course of the next few weeks.


‘Dime’ will be released September 22, ‘Menanti-nanti’ October 6 and ‘Constantly You’ October 20, she confirmed last week (September 9) with an image of an old-school handheld game console. ‘Dime’ can be pre-saved here.

Tapiheru also shared the EP artwork on her Instagram account as nine different tiles.

Audrey Tapiheru first made her debut with GAC in 2010. The band have released three albums over the past 11 years. She first released solo material in 2019 with the singles ‘Daisy’ and ‘Cermin Hati’, the latter as part of the soundtrack for the movie Imperfect. ‘LoveLock’ looks to be her first EP as a solo artist.

Her brother and bandmate, Gamaliél Tapiheru, has also been performing solo under the mononym Gamaliél, and released his first solo EP ‘Q1’ in March. Earlier this year, Cantika Abigail also released the solo track ‘Tak Mungkin Ku Melepasmu’.


Speaking to NME in an interview earlier this year, Gamaliél shared that GAC went on hiatus for their own mental health.

“As a three-headed group, we literally have spent 10 years together, but the whole routine has gotten a bit tedious,” he said. “Finally, we agreed that as individuals, we needed our own space. Also, we believed that [this hiatus] was important for our mental health as well.”

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