Gentle Bones releases Jasmine Sokko co-write ‘Help!’ and ‘What Are We Doing?’ featuring lewloh

From his long-awaited debut album 'Gentle Bones'

Singaporean singer-songwriter Gentle Bones has released two new songs from his long-awaited debut album: ‘Help!’ and ‘What Are We Doing?’

It’s not yet clear when the upcoming album, titled ‘Gentle Bones’, will be released in full. The self-titled effort will feature five new tracks in English and Mandarin.

The latest tracks ‘Help!’, co-written with Jasmine Sokko, and ‘What Are We Doing’, which features fellow singer-songwriter lewloh, arrived today (September 10).


They join previously released tracks from the singer, including ‘A Day At A Time’ with Clara Benin, ‘Better With You’ with Benjamin Kheng, ‘Daily Dose Of Love’ with Karencici, and most recently, ‘Positive Procrastination’ featuring Gamaliél.

The Mandarin-language songs ‘一天加點愛’ (or ‘Daily Dose Of Love’) featuring Karencici and ‘你還不知道?’ (or ‘Don’t You Know Yet?’) with Tay Kewei will also be on the record.

Stream all the songs out from ‘Gentle Bones’ so far here:

Gentle Bones – real name Joel Tan – said of the upcoming record, per a press release: “I’ve never felt more confident and excited to create and put out music. I think for the first time in my music career, I’m truly making music that I feel I want to hear that I’m not getting from music that’s already out. It’s almost as if I’m filling in my own space and that’s really nice to do.”


Gentle Bones notably released his self-titled debut EP in 2015. His last full-length release was the 2018 joint album ‘B4NGER PROJECT’, recorded with Singaporean electronic dance producer MYRNE. He then released a three-track EP ‘Michelle’ that same year.

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