Gentle Bones shares heartwarming music video for new single, ‘You’re My Superhero’

“The superheroes that I had in mind when writing were very much not actual superheroes”

Gentle Bones has released ‘You’re My Superhero’, the latest single from his self-titled debut album.

The new track, released last Friday (October 1) via Cross Ratio Entertainment, follows up previous singles ‘Help!’, ‘What Are We Doing?’, ‘A Day At A Time’, ‘Better With You’, ‘Daily Dose of Love’, and ‘Positive Procrastination’.

‘You’re My Superhero’ is an understated dance-pop tune by Gentle Bones – real name Joel Tan – with an empathetic core. “You are my superhero, that’s you are / You are my superhero / So if you’re feeling alone / For what it’s worth, it’s made you glow,” he sings in its chorus.


Listen to ‘You’re My Superhero’ below.

“The superheroes that I had in mind when writing were very much not actual superheroes,” Tan revealed in a press statement.

“Instead, I imagined people that I know that have exhibited many qualities and traits which I find very strong. It’s a song dedicated to them and also paying homage to the fact that we all can be superheroes in our own lives and other people’s lives. It’s how we decide to step up to the plate that’s most important.”

A music video for ‘You’re My Superhero’ premiered yesterday night (October 4), starring Tan as a superhero sidekick, also named Gentle Bones, who is tasked to bring back his former partner named Tough Skin. The clip also included several cameos from fellow Singaporean musicians, including Sam Rui and Ritz Ang.


“To be able to bring the listener and the viewer through a journey where they can feel some sort of encouragement at the end I think is the best part about it,” Tan said of the video.

Gentle Bones’ self-titled album has yet to be released in full, with more new singles on the way.

Speaking to NME late last month, the Singaporean singer said that his long-awaited debut full-length features contributions from several artists across the region, including Indonesia’s Gamaliél and Clara Benin from the Philippines. “I’d gone through a journey where I was tired with my own sound and writing,” Tan said. “I was just trying to learn from people I respect and just create together.”

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