Georgia shares joyous synth-pop cover of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’

Taken from an expanded edition of her album 'Seeking Thrills', out today

Georgia has shared a huge new synth-pop cover of Kate Bush‘s ‘Running Up That Hill’ – watch its striking video below.

The new cover is taken from ‘Seeking Thrills: The Ultimate Thrills Edition’, an expanded edition of the singer’s 2020 album ‘Seeking Thrills’, which is also out today (December 11).

Speaking of the cover of ‘Running Up That Hill’, which Georgia has been known to finish her live sets with, the Domino-signed singer said: “Closing my live sets with “Running Up That Hill” has been a pure joy, and it sparked the idea to record it.


“But, it didn’t start there, Kate Bush has been part of my life and a major influence on my work since I could sing a note. Her music was always played by both my mum and dad, and when I began to understand the way that sound and production worked, I embarked on my own intimate and personal journey with her music. For me, it was more than just a cover, it was emotional, and an experience I’ll always treasure.”

Discussing the cover’s cinematic new video – which you can watch above – the visual’s star and Georgia’s brother, Sid Barnes, said: “It has always been my dream to somehow find a way to create a dance for a Kate Bush song. This project with my sister, Georgia, came as both a privilege and an exciting challenge!

“The goal was to try and touch upon Kate’s spirit, to try and not just reproduce her as an icon, but rather use dance to find an even deeper connection to her work.”

The expanded edition of ‘Seeking Thrills’ is set to feature a host of remixes of tracks from the album, including a series of unreleased versions. Listen to the full remix album below.


Georgia’s second album was nominated for the 2020 Mercury Prize. Reviewing the album upon its release in January, NME wrote: “Georgia knows her dance music history, and what she wants a rave to look like in 2020: inclusive, celebratory and communal.

“She’s immersed but, with a chip of ice in her heart, watches on in a writerly fashion. It’s not quite picture perfect, but ‘Seeking Thrills’ is Georgia’s jubilant and insightful document of the life that moves under the disco lights.”