Gibson has recreated two classic Jimi Hendrix guitars

The late guitar legend's 1969 Flying V and 1967 SG Custom are retailing at £7,548 each

Two classic Jimi Hendrix guitars have been recreated by Gibson.

Hendrix’s 1969 Flying V and 1967 SG Custom are being made available for fans to buy, with both models looking and sounding like the guitars Hendrix actually played.

Both also come with official photos of the late guitar legend and a collection of anecdotes and personal images from the archives of Eddie Kramer, his renowned engineer, producer, and collaborator.


Hendrix played the Flying V throughout the Band of Gypsys era and during his legendary set at the Isle of Wight Festival on August 31, 1970.

He was seen performing with the 1967 SG Custom on his national television debut on The Dick Cavett Show on July 7, 1969. You can view the guitars below.

“I am honoured and privileged to have been involved with this project as Gibson has done an incredible job of recreating these guitars,” Kramer said in a press release. “I can imagine the expression on the fans’ faces when they open up the guitar case and wrap their hands around the neck of one of these beauties, plug in and maybe change the world!”

The Flying V comes in an “Aged Ebony” body and is limited to 125 right-handed models and 25 left-handed, while the SG Custom comes in an “Aged Polaris White” body and is limited to 150 right-handed. Both retail for $9,999 (£7,548) each.

Meanwhile, AC/DC‘s Angus Young recently recalled the very first time he heard Hendrix’s music.


“When I heard ‘Purple Haze’, boy, that was it,” he explained. “I was so excited. And then I thought, ‘How am I gonna find out about Jimi Hendrix?’ I was out walking anywhere. I went up to a magazine store, and I’m trying to look if they’ve got a magazine from England, ’cause I knew he was in London. And I found a little picture of this guy with a guitar, and I was going, ‘Wow! I wanna look that cool.'”

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