Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon reveals ‘Into The New World’ had been written years before the group’s debut

"It's just like how each piece of clothing has an owner for it"

Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon has revealed that the group’s iconic 2007 single ‘Into The New World’ was written long before the group made their debut.

In the latest episode of 1theK Originals’ web series IDDP, Hyoyeon participated in a segment where she searches up her own name and responds to the results that come up. In response to a comment that dubbed Girls’ Generation’s first-ever single ‘Into The New World’ as “the best song in girl group history”, Hyoyeon shared that the song was actually written seven years prior to the group’s debut.

The singer also implied that the song had likely made its rounds with SM Entertainment acts that came before Girls’ Generation, naming first generation acts like S.E.S, The Grace, M.I.L.K and Shinvi. “It’s so interesting! It’s just like how each piece of clothing has an owner for it,” mused Hyoyeon upon recalling the history of the track.



Hyoyeon made her return earlier this week with a new solo single titled ‘Second’, released under the moniker DJ HYO. The dance pop song also featured an appearance from South Korean R&B singer-songwriter BIBI.

In other Girls’ Generation news, the group are reportedly set to reunite for the first time in four years with an appearance on South Korean variety show You Quiz On The Block, starring host Yoo Jae-suk.

While a tVN representative has confirmed that the members and their respective agencies are currently in discussions, a broadcast date for the potential episode has yet to be determined.

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