Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon talks her strengths and motivations as a musician

"I move for the people who wait and look forward [to my music]"

Girls’ Generation vocalist and soloist Taeyeon has opened up about her strong suits and what motivates her as a singer.

The idol recently chatted with The Star about what she thought her strengths as a musician were, to which she revealed that her fans were what drove her to improve with each release.

“I’ve heard that a lot of people feel comforted by my music and relate to it,” she shared, according to translations by Soompi. “My fans are the driving force that allow me to continue making music, as well as the reason why I [make music]. I move for the people who wait and look forward [to my music].”


Taeyeon also spoke about her goals for her future as a soloist, revealing that she wants “to become someone people always miss and are curious about, as well as a singer people always seek out”. “I want to become someone’s one and only artist,” she concluded.

The Girls’ Generation singer made a solo comeback earlier in July with her digital single ‘Weekend’, her first in over six months since 2020’s ‘What Do I Call You’ mini-album. The latter project had also featured her last lead single ‘Happy’.

Last month, Taeyeon joined SM Entertainment labelmate and SHINee singer Key on his single ‘Hate That…’, a cut from his recently-released mini-album ‘Bad Love’. ‘Hate That…’ marked the SHINee member’s first solo release in nearly three years, since his 2019 project ‘I Wanna Be’ prior to being enlisted for military service.