Glass Animals announce ‘Dreamland’ VHS visual album

"Now in technicolour and with added never before seen footage."

Glass Animals have announced details of a new VHS visual album bundle, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of their latest album ‘Dreamland’.

Fans can pay from £32 for a selection of bundles which will include the VHS release, alongside their latest album.

Employing a retro design scheme on the VHS sleeve, it states: “Take a look behind the scenes of Dreamland. Now in technicolour and with added never before seen footage.”


The band added: “These are the original Glass Animals home movies on VHS. Hope these memories are as special to you as they are to us.”

It follows the release of their third album ‘Dreamland’, which arrived last week.

In a four-star review, NME hailed the album as “a record of deeply personal tales – all set to shimmering pop tunes.”

“‘Dreamland’ is stuffed with effervescent nuggets of pop gold. It’s a sun-drenched record of summer tunes that will sound even better when heard at festivals with a tinnie in hand, NME wrote.


“Yet look behind glittering shells of these tunes and you’ll find hugely personal stories, told with new strength and resilience. So stick on your headphones, close your eyes and take a trip to ‘Dreamland’ – you won’t want to leave.”