Glass Animals call out British Airways for losing music equipment

"My irreplaceable music-making equipment has been lost by BA"

Glass Animals have called out British Airways after the band’s music equipment has been misplaced while in transit.

For over a week, the band have been without vital music making equipment, leading them to miss deadlines.

On June 27, frontman Dave Bailey tweeted British Airways saying: “My irreplaceable music-making equipment has been lost by BA for six days.


“I’ve tried every avenue. I can’t get any information by phone or email, we’ve gone to multiple airports to get help in person only to be sent in circles for hours.”

Since then, Bailey has followed up with daily tweets as the equipment still hasn’t been returned.

He later tweeted: “Any news on my equipment? It still hasn’t moved…Really need to finish some music…I’ve missed a few deadlines now.”

Despite the tweets, the equipment has still not been returned. ”


After this, someone replied to Bailey directly on Twitter saying they’d handed over the equipment ready for it to be flown home. However, the equipment never arrived.

“Hi @British_Airways…just my daily nudge to see if I can get some help with my equipment that you lost and now refuse to assist with…?” Bailey Tweeted last week (July 30). “I can see via the geotag that it still hasn’t moved…9 days and counting…”

On July 3, Bailey called out British Airways on Twitter again. “Hey @British_Airways…here is just another reminder that my equipment has still not been returned…nearly two weeks now…? want to help at some point? If not, the police have agreed to escort one of our team to come and collect the bag next week.”

To this, British Airways replied: “Hi there, once again please accept our apologies. We can only advising that tracing does still continue at the moment.”

At this point, Bailey noted the individual who had handed over the equipment ready for it to be flown home.

“That is just completely false, a kind man who works at the airport told me he found it based on the map I sent, and delivered it to british airways management…it has been traced for two weeks! and now delivered to you! …just need you to give it back to me!”

NME has reached out to representatives of BA for comment.

Recently, Glass Animals teamed up with The StrokesAlbert Hammond Jr. for a new version of ‘I Don’t Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)’.

The original version of the song was released back in September and added as a bonus track to Glass Animals’ 2020 album ‘Dreamland’.

“EXCEPTIONALLY excited to announce a collab w/ the one and only Albert Hammond Jr.!!” Glass Animals’ Dave Bayley said in a statement on Twitter. “We wrote and recorded a whole new massive exploding wig-out outro. Grew up listening to Albert’s records, and learning his guitar parts was a huge part of how I learned guitar myself.

“Anyway – a dream,” he added. “Thank u so much albert!!”

Hammond Jr. said of the collaboration: “I met David over Zoom and we spoke of coffee and Jetway. Two things I still owe him. I was hoping we would write a song one day, but being so far from each other and mid-pandemic it didn’t seem likely. Then, out of the blue, he sent me ‘I Don’t Wanna Talk…’

“I knew exactly what I needed to do. I got some distortion and went to work. David, thanks for having me – to many more things to come.”