Goat announce new compilation album, ‘Headsoup’

The lead single, 'Queen of the Underground' is out now

Swedish experimental collective Goat have announced a new album, ‘Headsoup’, and unveiled its lead single, ‘Queen of the Underground’.

‘Headsoup’ will be a compilation of non-album material from across the band’s career, bringing together standalone singles, B-sides, digital edits and two new tracks. The album will be released on August 27 through Rocket.

‘Queen of the Underground’, one of the two new songs, was recorded toward the end of 2020, along with ‘Fill My Mouth’. The accompanying animated music video was created by Mike Bourne.


“Who says a rock band can’t play funk? Electric guitars can be just as sexy today as when Eddie Hazel funked the shit out of ‘em,” the band said in a statement.

Listen to the psychedelic new single below:

‘Headsoup’ follows on from Goat’s 2016 album, ‘Requiem’. The new record will see the band combine themes from their back catalogue with newer ideas they’ve forged in more recent years.

“It’s a globetrotting acid trip of a record, one that moves from the magnificent heavy-psych of their earliest work, like ‘Goatman’ B-side ‘The Sun And Moon’, to the serene ‘Requiem’-era alternate take ‘Union Of Mind And Soul’, to the simmering grooves of their latest material, and a myriad of other detours,” a press release for the album reads.

Goat’s ‘Headsoup’ tracklist:


1. ‘The Sun and Moon’
2. ‘Stonegoat’
3. ‘Dreambuilding’
4. ‘Dig My Grave’
5. ‘It’s Time for Fun’
6. ‘Relax’
7. ‘Union of Mind and Soul’
8. ‘The Snake of Addis Adaba’
9. ‘Goatfizz’
10. ‘Let It Burn (Edit)’
11. ‘Friday Pt.1’
12. ‘Fill My Mouth’
13. ‘Queen of the Underground’

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