Gorillaz preview the final episode of their ‘Song Machine’ radio show

Discussing daytime TV, the most gruesome way to die and more...

Gorillaz are set to host the final episode of their ‘Song Machine’ radio show on Apple Music tonight (December 8) – see an exclusive preview on NME below.

Each member of the cartoon band have been hosting a monthly episode on the airwaves, talking through their current song series and 20-year career.

Tonight, bassist Murdoc takes the reigns, joined by Gorillaz masterminds Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. In the episode, they talk about everything from which gruesome way Hewlett would choose to die, to daytime television.


Check out the exclusive preview of Gorillaz’ final ‘Song Machine’ radio show below.


Murdoc: “Okay, let’s see what chat machine wants to know. The first question is for Damon. Chat machine asks, if truth is dead, how do we resurrect it?”

Damon Albarn: Well, I think truth is not necessarily dead, but like the mink in Denmark, it’s a bit smelly.”

Murdoc: “Damon, do you think taking credit for someone else’s work over two decades is acceptable behaviour? Because I don’t mate.

Damon Albarn: “Well, it depends what side of the line in the sand you’re on.”


Murdoc: “Yeah. Yeah. Right. Okay. This one’s for Jamie. Ooh, weighty. How would you improve daytime TV?”

Jamie Hewlett: “Ooh, blimey. Well, I don’t really watch daytime TV, so I don’t really know what needs to be improved about it. But I would probably suggest something like cloning Dennis Pennis and putting him on every channel”

Murdoc: “Last question for Jimmy. Agh. Sorry, sorry. I mean Jamie. How would you rather meet your end, guillotine or wicker man?

Jamie Hewlett: How would I rather meet my end, guillotine or the wicker man? Well, guillotine would be quick and painless, but wicker man would be far more spectacular visually. And as I am a visual person, I think I’d have to go for the wicker man. As long as I can to have that clean chicken with me that you just washed.

Back in October, Gorillaz shared the first part of their ‘Song Machine’ album series, ‘Song Machine: Season One – Strange Timez’. Reviewing the album, which features collaborations with Slowthai, The Cure‘s Robert Smith and more, NME wrote: “‘Strange Timez’ is yet another worthwhile endeavour, the band keen not just to match the skill and pace of modern pop outlets, but to outlast the competitors.”

This weekend (December 12-13), the band will return to Kong Studios, where ‘Song Machine’ was birthed, to perform a series of special global livestreamed gigs with a host of special guests and 14-piece band.

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