GOT7’s Jinyoung surprise fans with brand-new solo song ‘Dive’

"I worked on it little by little in my spare time"

GOT7‘s Jinyoung has surprised fans with the release of a brand-new solo song called ‘Dive’.

The digital single, which the singer had announced just hours prior its release, was written and composed by K-pop idol. ‘Dive’ is also Jinyoung’s first solo release since 2018’s ‘Hold Me’, which appeared on the soundtrack for the South Korean YouTube Premium series Top Management.

“You’re descending form the blue sky / You’re my angel with silver eyes / ooh ah, ooh ah / You’re gradually on my mind / I’m falling down / I need you now / I’ll be here waiting for you underneath the waterfall,” Jinyoung sings on the chorus.


“It’s a song about a sort of ‘belief’ that if you continuously accept something, whether it’s people, love, skills, growth, or anything else, there will come a time when you will find it filled endlessly like the sea,” said Jinyoung about ‘Dive’ in a statement to The Herald Pop, as translated by Soompi

“I wanted to gift my fans with music soon, and I worked on it little by little in my spare time in order to keep the promise,” he added. “Thank you so much for waiting, and I’ll continue to repay [your love] with music like this.”

Earlier this year, Jinyoung had also written the lyrics and helmed the composition for GOT7’s ‘Encore’, which was the group’s first song after they departed from their longtime label JYP Entertainment.

In other GOT7 news, fellow member JAY B is set to release his solo debut album arrive next month. According to his agency H1GHR MUSIC, the record will feature various guest artists from a wide-range of genres in order to showcase a different side of JAY B as a solo artist.

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