Grrrl Gang dream up a 2020 US tour in video for new single ‘Honey, Baby’

The Indonesian indie pop trio were supposed to play SXSW last year

Indonesian indie pop trio Grrrl Gang have released a brand new music video for their latest single, ‘Honey, Baby’.

The music video – helmed by director Carkultera “Kome” Wage Sae – imagines what would have been if the band had been able to tour the United States in 2020 – a real plan that fell through because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “Grrrl Gang” – played by Dara Laras Santi (as Angeena Sentana), Kevin Aldrianza (as Akbar Rumandung) and Dede Cipon (as Edo Alventa) – dream up scenarios that include meeting a fan at the airport, roaming through idyllic “Texan” landscapes, and performing at their scheduled gig at South By Southwest in a dive bar.

It was announced late last month that Grrrl Gang will perform at the SXSW virtual festival in March. The band was scheduled to perform at the physical festival last year alongside Damnably labelmates Otoboke Beaver and Say Sue Me, before their plans were uprooted by the pandemic.


“[We] made this music video to laugh at ourselves,” bassist Akbar Rumandung explained said in a press release. “Grrrl Gang was asked to retell about what would’ve happened in 2020 if the pandemic had never occurred. It’s actually loaded with irony and unrest, but we displayed it in a joyful symbolism.”

Watch the music video below.

‘Honey, Baby’ is the trio’s first new material since the release of their 2018 EP, ‘Not Sad, Not Fulfilled’. In 2020, they released ‘Here To Stay!’, a compilation of all the songs they’d released up till that point.

‘Honey, Baby’ marks a point of growth in Grrrl Gang’s career, according to guitarist Edo Alventa: “You could say that this time we were more patient. The parts distribution, chord progression, and melody placement changed a lot from what we did before. In ‘Honey, Baby’ we considered everything more sensibly.”

The track was recorded and produced in Jakarta with The Adams’ bassist, Pandu Fuzztoni, as co-producer. Edo said of the recording process: “It took us a long time to perfect this song to its current form. Pandu helped us a lot from the recording, mixing, to finding new perspectives”.


‘Honey, Baby’ will also be issued on 7-inch colored vinyl via Damnably as well as a special edition CD-R format via Kolibri Rekords.

Last October, Grrrl Gang previewed new material in a studio performance recorded to mark the 14th anniversary of their UK label Damnably Records. They played the as-yet-unreleased songs ‘Ghost To You’ and ‘5am In Baston Street’.