Guitar pedals made by Indonesian guitarist Aria Baron posthumously released

One of them will be made available to fans via a virtual auction

Guitar pedals made by the late Indonesian guitarist Aria Baron have been officially unveiled.

It was revealed during a press conference yesterday (October 12) that the “Baron Legacy” Limited Edition Overdrive Guitar Pedal has been completed after the ex-Gigi guitarist began work on it before he passed away in June.

According to a social media statement, Baron was in the process of creating his own overdrive guitar pedal before he passed away in June. His wife, Febrina Baron, took it upon herself to continue the project with Arifin Zhang from music instrument shop Hari Hari Musik.


“Although Mas Baron is physically absent, Mas Baron is still alive spiritually,” Febrina said at the press conference via Kompas.

It was also revealed that Zhang agreed to work with Febrina because he had already been in contact with Aria about manufacturing a pedal before he died.

“We discussed what kind of a good pedal [he wanted to make],” Arifin said via Kompas. “In his last days, he was enthusiastic and sometimes worked up to midnight [making pedals]. This has been completed, there are eight prototypes.”

When Febri reached out to Zhang, he mentioned that the pedal was still “in prototype form” and decided to dedicate the panel design to Aria’s name. Zhang also praised Aria’s keen ear for fine-tuning the pedal, saying the late guitarist was “very intelligent in recognizing tones”, via HAI.

The guitar pedal was made in limited quantities. Each item comes with exclusive packaging accompanied by a certificate signed by Febrina. Only four of these pedals have been made available, with one of them going on sale October 16 in a virtual auction. RSVP sign-ups are available here.


Baron passed away in June due to an undisclosed illness. The news came weeks after his former band Gigi called publicly for COVID-19 survivors to donate blood plasma to Aria.