H 3 F release collaborative single ‘Cultivation’ with Benjamin Varney

The band previously released the single ‘You’ in July

Thai indie band H3F have released a new collaborative single with singer and actor Benjamin Varney titled ‘Cultivation’.

Released alongside its music video on October 27, the single sees H 3 F and Varney ruminating on the theme of superstitious beliefs and cult indoctrination in lyrics like “Superstition / They were voodooed / Revelation / Talking woo woo” and “Cult-tivation / Gulp his pension / Validation / Revelation, repetition, repetition, repetition / Dictation, penetration” as the music video appears to parody cult practices to a funk-inspired beat.

Watch the music video for ‘Cultivation’ below.


H 3 F previously released the single ‘You’ on July 20 in a collaboration with local coffee chain Café Amazon following the release of their sophomore album ‘Unemployment’ earlier this year in January.

In an interview with NME following the release of the album, frontman Thepvipat “Gong” Prachumchonjaoren shared his thoughts on the heavier themes on the LP, explaining “…on ‘Unemployment’, because I became an anxious guy for a while, I tried to write stuff that wasn’t just about love anymore. As a band, we took the time to make sure the album sounded like how we really wanted it to sound.”

“When I write songs and make music, I tend to believe in a make-believe world. I think that relates to a lot of people who try to make a living doing what they love, not just musicians. We all struggle. The only thing that can get you through it is if you’re honest about what you really want.”

The group are set to perform at the upcoming Maho Rasop festival alongside Cornelius, Yussef DayesDry Cleaning and more this November 19-20 at ESC Park in Rangsit, which will feature fellow Thai acts MILLI and Alec Orachi among others. Following their Maho Rasop appearance, H 3 F will perform at Big Mountain Festival this December 10 and 11 at The Ocean Khao Yai in Pak Chong District, Thailand alongside Phum Viphurit, Billkin, F.HERO, Three Man Down, Taitosmith and more.