Halal Sol previews ‘Dijamin’ EP with rave-ready first single, ‘Don’t Feel the Bass’

The Singaporean house producer brings new sub-frequencies with an EP on label Darker Than Wax

Singaporean house producer Halal Sol has dropped ‘Don’t Feel The Bass’, the first single from his upcoming debut EP ‘Dijamin’.

“Heavy on the bass and synths, my head wobbles when listening,” Halal Sol wrote of the track on Instagram. “I have grown so much musically through the years. This EP is the culmination of all the highs I’ve gone through in music. Not forgetting all the times I have felt demoralised and felt like stopping music altogether. I’m really proud of this EP and it’s my most polished work thus far.”

Hear the rave-ready ‘Don’t Feel The Bass’ below:



‘Don’t Feel The Bass’ is the opener of the six-track EP ‘Dijamin’, which also includes two remixes by fellow Singaporean DJ/producers: Bongomann’s take on ‘Rushin’ and Kaye’s rework of ‘Hearing Deficit’. The project drops on May 28. Pre-order the EP here and find the full tracklist below.

“The EP was composed with variety in mind,” Halal Sol told NME. “I would like to showcase different sounds that I can come out with. The idea was to create a mainly house EP but with obvious influences to other electronic subgenres.

“I focused on making the tracks simple with minimal layers to keep it raw and allow the listener to focus on each layer. Even the instruments and synths used are simple vanilla sounds embellished with simple effects. Each layer and bar of the track is deliberate which I hope create some emotional highs and lows to the track.”

Halal Sol named the EP ‘Dijamin’ – a Malay word meaning ‘guaranteed’ – “as I feel that the EP is a labour of love cumulating from many years since I started making music and I want to guarantee the listeners that the track are all genuinely me and crafted by my passion of music.”


‘Dijamin’ is the producer’s first project released on Singaporean label Darker Than Wax, following a self-released effort in 2018 titled ‘First Thing EP’. He appeared on the label’s 2020 compilation ‘BODYCLOCK Vol. 1’, compiled by DJ/producer and label co-founder Funk Bast*rd. Halal Sol’s ‘Contusion’ closed the five-track project.

In February, Halal Sol released the single ‘Stop MP3’, a breezy four-on-the-floor number that served as a teaser for the upcoming EP. “Hinting for something big to come in June 2021 with @darkerthanwax,” he wrote on Instagram. Listen to the track, released as a name-your-price download on Bandcamp, here.

Halal Sol has been tapped occasionally by his fellow Singaporean artists to remix and produce their songs. His take on Charlie Lim’s ‘Zero Sum’ appeared on the singer-songwriter’s ‘Check-Hook: Remixes – Wave 1’ in 2019, and he produced the 2020 project ‘Veggie Wraps, Vol. 1’ by rapper BGourd.

The tracklist of Halal Sol’s ‘Dijamin’ is:

  1. ‘Don’t Feel The Bass’
  2. ‘Lives In Future’
  3. ‘Rushin’ (Bongomann Re-rush)
  4. ‘Hearing Deficit’
  5. ‘Rotund’
  6. ‘Hearing Deficit’ (Kaye Remix)