Halsey on her pregnancy: “it has leveled my perception of gender entirely”

The singer announced her pregnancy late last month

Halsey has opened up about her pregnancy on Twitter, explaining how she feels “it has leveled [her] perception of gender entirely”.

Last week, the singer took to Instagram to share how she has spent the past month reflecting on her pregnancy, which she announced late last month.

“February is the shortest month, but the days seem like they are taking very long. Butttttt also going so fast?!” she wrote.


“I’ve been thinking lots about my body. it’s strange to watch yourself change so quickly. I thought pregnancy would give me very strong, binary feelings about ‘womanhood’ but truly it has leveled my perception of gender entirely.

“My sensitivity to my body has made me hyper aware of my humanness and that’s all. Doing a remarkable thing. And it’s grand. I hope the feeling lasts.”

She shared her statement among a selection of photos of herself, food she’s been eating and, curiously, an image of Mia Farrow in the 1968 film Rosemary’s Baby.

The news of Halsey’s pregnancy came a few years after she shared that she had suffered a miscarriage while on tour in 2015, as well as her experience living with endometriosis.


Halsey’s last studio album ‘Manic’ arrived early last year. In a four-star review, NME‘s Rhian Daly wrote, “The musician’s previous concepts have both been compelling in themselves but, by stripping back the stories to their very personal core, Halsey has made a record that is as thrilling as it is vulnerable, and her best effort yet. This is Ashley’s world; it’s really nice to meet her.”