Har Mar Superstar responds to sexual misconduct allegations

The singer denied the allegations, but admitted to “conduct that was harmful, abusive, and selfish"

Har Mar Superstar has issued a new statement after multiple women came forward to accuse the singer of sexual harassment and misconduct.

The singer, real name Sean Tillman, denied one allegation in a statement posted to social media, but otherwise apologised for his behaviour.

It comes after a woman told the Star Tribune that Tillman was a close friend until he allegedly exposed his penis and stuck it in her face in 2016. The allegation was later corroborated by three other people.

Tillman “categorically” denied the woman’s allegations in the statement, but said: “I take these claims extremely seriously. I am deeply sorry to anyone who feels I’ve hurt them.”

He later admitted to to “conduct that was harmful, abusive, and selfish.”

Opening up on his own struggles with addiction, he said: “Several years ago, I started a process of being honest with myself about how, fueled by a toxic mixture of alcohol, drugs, and cavalier sexuality, I was harming people around me and failing them and myself.

“I am profoundly and sincerely sorry for the harm that I have caused.”

He concluded: “Through this time of intense self-reflection, I’ve realised that this type of behaviour is a problem in music and entertainment communities everywhere, and until very recently it was shrugged off as ‘sex, drugs and rock and roll’.

“That outdated mentality should have never been acceptable, and today I’m embarrassed of the whole concept.  I hope to use my situation as an example to help others hold themselves accountable in healing ways.

“I hope that one day I may earn the forgiveness and trust of those around me in my past, present and future.”

As Pitchfork reports, the allegations have led Minneapolis’ First Avenue to cancel an upcoming gig from Tillman’s band Heart Bones.

“Once we became aware of the allegations, we felt it was the best decision to take the show down until there is accountability,” the venue said.

“First Avenue takes all accusations of harassment and assault seriously.”

In addition, the radio station 89.3 the Current has stopped playing his music.

NME has contacted Har Mar Superstar’s representatives for further comment.

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