Haruka Salt and W.Y. Huang release apocalyptic music video for ‘OG Gong’

With nods to 'Akira', 'Attack on Titan' and the 'Godzilla' movies of yore

Brooklyn/Tokyo DJ Haruka Salt and New York-via-Singapore artist W.Y. Huang have released a music video for their collaboration ‘OG Gong’.

The four-minute clip premiered yesterday (September 1) on 4:3, the video streaming platform by Boiler Room.

The music video of ‘OG Gong’ is an ode to destructive kaiju sci-fi, featuring animation by Race Krehel of Singaporean creative entity SuperCrunkTown, with additional work by digital artist Taketo Kobayashi. Rendered by Unreal Engine, the music video was directed by Haruka Salt.


The industrial techno stomper soundtracks the short film, where a battle between two giant monsters — one a vivid insect creature, the other a humanoid figure — is thwarted by a mysterious glowing deity, plunging the entire city into catastrophe.

Watch the music video below.

“A tear in the fabric of space-time finds our protagonist materializing into being on the highway leading into HYPERCITY 99,” label Toucan Records describes the music video.

“A powerful rhythm permeates the air, manic drumming and pulsating synths can be felt building towards an epic confrontation. Two massive KAIJU descend on downtown and prepare to do battle, with the fate of the world in the balance!”

The clip lifts the track from Haruka Salt’s debut EP ‘HarukaMart’, released August 14. The four-track effort also features contributions by rapper Fat Tony and producer AceMo.


Stream the EP below.