HA:TFELT celebrates summer with music video for ‘Summertime’

In collaboration with rapper Kim Hyo-eun

South Korean soloist HA:TFELT – aka former Wonder Girls member Park Ye-eun – released her new single ‘Summertime’.

The track’s accompanying video, which dropped yesterday (July 14), features the vocalist celebrating her summer in a myriad of ways, including an indoor party with friends, a quirky outdoor photoshoot and a disco-themed pool party.

Shimmering summertime / That summer night / When you and I were so pure / Where are you who burned like the sun,” croons HA:TFELT on the song’s chorus, as translated by Genius. The song also features rapper Kim Hyo-eun.


‘Summertime’ was first announced late last month by the former Wonder Girls member, who also dropped a pre-release version of the single dubbed ‘Summertime (Sunset Version)’ in June. It is as of yet unconfirmed if ‘Summertime’ will be a part of a future album release from the artist.

‘Summertime’ also marks HA:TFELT’s first release of 2021, following her album ‘1719’ in 2020. The 14-track record featured popular tracks such as ‘Pluhmm’ and ‘Life Sucks’. Last year, Park also released a stand-alone single titled ‘La Luna’.

In other K-pop news, fellow former Wonder Girls member Sunmi has been confirmed to be release solo music next month. According to her agency Abyss Company, the singer is in the midst of preparations for a “new album” and is “aiming for an August comeback”. However, the company also noted that a detailed schedule for her return will only be released “later on”, according to translations by Soompi.