Hear a hip-hop remix of Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Drivers License’ by Def Jam Southeast Asia rappers

SYA, Pradaa, Ben Utomo, Fateeha, DonWilson and SCYE team up

Def Jam Southeast Asia rappers SYA, Pradaa, Ben Utomo, Fateeha, DonWilson and SCYE have teamed up for a hip-hop remix of Olivia Rodrigo’s hit song ‘Drivers License’.

The take on the US-based singer’s hit ballad came with an accompanying music video that premiered on YouTube late Sunday evening (April 11).

For the remix, Def Jam Southeast Asia enlisted six of its signees to breathe new life into the hit track, covering the original and also injecting their own rap verses. The rework features Thailand’s Pradaa, Malaysia’s SYA and Philippines’ Fateeha cruising in separate cars while Indonesia’s Ben Utomo and the Philippines’ DonWilson and SCYE roam the streets on their own.


Watch the music video below.

The remix, which was produced by Malaysian rapper SonaOne, is the latest collaborative effort by regional hip-hop imprint Def Jam Southeast Asia.

On Instagram, Pradaa and SCYE noted that the remix was their first Southeast Asian collaboration.

The remix follows the release of SYA’s single ‘PrettyGirlBop’ featuring Yung Raja in December and Pradaa’s debut single ‘SuSu’ late last year. In January, Indonesian rapper Ben Utomo dropped a slick music video for his single ‘Indo Kid’, while DonWilson released his soothing single ‘Luna’.

Fateeha, on the other hand, announced her signing with Def Jam Philippines in early March, while Filipino rapper SCYE’s latest release was his single ‘Aking Kabanata’ in January.


The remix also comes after R&B singer Alextbh shared his own cover of ‘Drivers License’ in January.

Olivia Rodrigo released ‘Drivers License’, her debut single, in January. It’s since become a global chart-topper, and beat Ed Sheeran’s record for the highest single-day streams in British history for a non-Christmas song. Earlier this month, Rodrigo dropped her second single ‘Deja Vu’ and announced she would release her debut album in May.

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