Hear Alextbh sing on the remix of Laura Marano’s ‘Honest With You’

With a light-hearted DIY video shot by both artists in their respective homes

Malaysian singer-songwriter Alextbh is the featured guest on a new remix of American actress and singer Laura Marano’s song ‘Honest With You’.

The remix arrived with a DIY music video that combines clips shot by both artists at home. While Marano pours herself a glass of wine and winds down from the day in her pink- and purple-hued home, Alex puts on a classy outfit and gets ready to start his day.

Watch it below:


The peppy pop song ‘Honest With You’ is one of the tracks featured on Marano’s 2020 EP ‘You’ – the follow-up to her 2019 debut EP ‘Me’. That project came a few years after her debut single ‘Boombox’, released in 2016, following the start of her entertainment career as the titular Ally Dawson in the Disney Channel series Austin & Ally.

This remix of ‘Honest With You’ is the latest recorded release by Alextbh this year. In 2020, he put out his debut EP ‘The Chase’, which NME named one of the best Asian albums of the year.

“There is a classy smoothness to the way he negotiates these painful tales of love, lust and relationship longevity on ‘The Chase’, a record that is both stunningly beautiful and brutally honest,” wrote NME‘s Adrian Yap.

More recently, Alextbh covered ‘Drivers License’, the hit debut single by Olivia Rodrigo – also a former Disney Channel actress-turned-singer.