Hear Filipino singer-songwriter Adie’s soulful new single ‘Dungaw’

The ballad will soon receive an official music video starring Rhen Escaño

Filipino singer-songwriter Adie has dropped a soulful single titled ‘Dungaw’.

The song arrived on major streaming services on Friday (July 16), and showcases Adie’s raspy voice, chilled rhythms, and blues-tinged guitar lines.

The artist noted the track describes the process of healing for those who have yet to move on from a past relationship.


Listen to ‘Dungaw’ below.

“My inspirations behind this track are those who hadn’t really moved on with their pasts and stuff,” Adie said in a press statement.

“I also put my own experience in it when I had someone back then, and we only had few memories together; that’s why it always bothers me and makes me wanna cry so bad back then. But when I wrote the song, I’m totally good and moved on, so there’s nothing to mention.”

The song is the O/C Records artist’s third single and arrives after his viral ballad ‘Paraluman’, which dropped in March alongside a music video featuring actress Ivana Alawi in June.

‘Dungaw’ will also receive an official music video directed by Kriz Cazin and starring actress Rhen Escaño. No release date has been confirmed.


Since debuting with the single ‘Luha’ in 2020, Adie has amassed more than one million listeners on Spotify alone. His previous single, ‘Paraluman’, had gained over 8.5million streams, while its music video has raked in over 3million views.