Hear Gentle Bones’ blissful collaboration with Gamaliél, ‘Positive Procrastination’

Gamaliél called working with Gentle Bones "like being in a group project and your smart friend doing the most of it, but you still get the same grade"

Singaporean singer-songwriter Gentle Bones has dropped a blissful single ‘Positive Procrastination’ featuring Indonesian artist Gamaliél.

The track, which arrived on major streaming services on Friday (July 30), kicks off with jazzy trumpet lines and is laden with pop-driven beats and melodic hooks.

In a press statement, Gentle Bones (real name Joel Tan) noted the uplifting track emphasises the need to take time for yourself amid life’s busyness.


“My love for sleep and trying to put a positive spin on my frustrations of dealing with certain struggles in regards to ideals in my life; and realising that maybe I could actually cut myself some slack once in a while and know that I can actually put things aside for a while, for the world never stops spinning and this life is a marathon, not a race,” he said.

“I have the privilege of doing mostly what I love and have the time to build a life around the things that I am passionate about. For me, it’s more about taking time away from the pseudo-social connectivity through a device. It’s always beautiful for me to reconnect with people, activities, and knowledge that add to my personal well-being.”

A music video for ‘Positive Procrastination’ will drop next month. In the meantime, you can stream it here:


‘Positive Procrastination’ is Gamaliél’s first-ever regional collaboration. The Indonesian artist, who is also a member of the trio GAC, also heaped praises on Gentle Bones in a press statement.


“Joel was the first one to reach out, so I’m very honoured to be a part of his musical journey,” Gamaliél said.

“Working with Joel is like being in a group project and your smart friend doing the most of it, but you still get the same grade. He is very easy to collaborate with.”

‘Positive Procrastination’ is the latest Gentle Bones collaboration following Mandopop track ‘天加点爱’ (‘Daily Dose Of Love’), featuring American-born Taiwanese artist Karencici; ‘A Day At A Time’; and ‘Better With You’ featuring fellow Singaporean Benjamin Kheng. ‘Better With You’ clinched Single of the Year at Singapore’s *SCAPE Youth Music Awards 2021 earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Gamaliél is one third of Indonesian trio GAC, who went on hiatus in late 2019 to focus on their individual careers. In early 2020, Gamaliél released his debut single ‘Forever More’ and released his debut solo EP titled ‘Q1’ in March this year.

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