Hear Indonesian singer-songwriter Oslo Ibrahim’s new single, ‘Baby Don’t Let Me Go’

This new heartbroken single evokes the sun-kissed romanticism of Japanese city pop

Indonesian singer-songwriter Oslo Ibrahim has released a heartbroken new single, ‘Baby Don’t Let Me Go’.

The song follows his 2020 debut album, ‘I Only Dance When I’m Sad’, and was issued with an accompanying lyric video on Wednesday (July 7).

‘Baby Don’t Let Me Go’ deviates from the downbeat electro-pop sound of Oslo’s album. This time, the song’s brisk tempo, sparkling synths, and prominent bass directly evoke ’80s Japanese city pop.


The lyric video for ‘Baby Don’t Let Me Go’ features Ibrahim sitting at a table and bobbing his head to the song’s infectious rhythm. Its single artwork was illustrated by Ali Sidiq. Watch the clip below.

In the song, Oslo laments the years he’s spent in relationships that did not work out. “When I was 18 / I don’t have the space for hatin’ / My life is all about to / Find the real love / Now I’m 27 / No sign that thing could happen / Every time I thought she is the one / She’s not the one,” he sings in its second verse.

“This is a story about love. It’ll always [be] about love. In this song, what I was trying to say is ‘He already let her go, yet [he] can’t deny how big the impact of [that] love’,” Oslo elaborated in the video description.

Born and raised in Medan, Indonesia, Oslo Ibrahim made his debut in 2018 with the single ‘Midnight Thoughts’. Since then, he has issued the EP ‘The Lone Lovers’, ‘You Made Me Smile’, a collaborative single with Indonesian musician Romantic Echoes, along with the album ’I Only Dance When I’m Sad’.