Hear Linying cover Bon Iver’s ‘Heavenly Father’

The Singaporean artist kicks off a weekly series of song releases dubbed 1800-LINYING-SINGS

Singaporean artist Linying has released a cover of Bon Iver’s ‘Heavenly Father’.

The track, which she dropped on Sunday (September 13), is the first of several songs she’ll be putting out every Sunday until her next release of original music.

Bon Iver’s 2014 song ‘Heavenly Father’ was one of the first songs Linying ever covered live, she said in a note accompanying the cover. “I loved Bon Iver all through my late teenhood,” she added, “and although I don’t remember where, or when, or how I got to know of this song, I remember feeling like finally, here was something that filled the blanks that words never could in the tangle of anger and confusion that the concepts of faith, divinity and salvation were in my mind.”


Linying continued, “Those of you who have come to my shows will likely have heard me play this song, so I thought it apt to release it as the very first of this series, since we won’t be seeing each other for a while yet.”

Read the message and hear Linying’s cover of ‘Heavenly Father’ here.

Linying’s new weekly music drop is dubbed 1800-LINYING-SINGS. The artist began the series to thank fans for their “steadfast support and patient listenership while we wait for the final disentangling of the many administrative snares obstructing the path between us and the next release”.

The upcoming Sunday releases will include “an old demo, an alternate version of a song you already know, a preliminary voicenote that was never to see the light of day, etc”.

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Linying’s last release was the song ‘Hummingbird’, a collaboration with fellow Singaporean artist Charlie Lim. It dropped earlier in February. Last year, she recorded a cover of Frank Ocean’s ‘Self Control’, and put out the single ‘All Of Our Friends Know’. Her last project was 2016’s ‘Paris 12’.