Hear Nadin Amizah’s new single, ‘Seperti Takdir Kita Yang Tulis’

The Indonesian singer-songwriter had dropped a demo version of the track on Instagram in February

Indonesian singer-songwriter Nadin Amizah has officially released the studio version of her song ‘Seperti Takdir Kita Yang Tulis’.

The artist announced via Instagram today (March 24) that the track is now available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify.

The acoustic track was written by Amizah with the help of Kevin Rinaldi and Ramadhan Zulqi.


The track features melancholic guitar chords and Amizah’s soothing voice over soft percussive beats. Listen to ‘Seperti Takdir Kita Yang Tulis’ below.

The official release of ‘Seperti Takdir Kita Yang Tulis’ comes over a month after the singer shared a demo of the track on Instagram. The cut that was shared on social media did not include percussion, and was recorded on the artist’s phone.

‘Seperti Takdir Kita Yang Tulis’ will feature as the opening track to Nadin Amizah’s upcoming mini-album ‘Kalah Bertaruh’, according to Pop Hari Ini. The mini album has yet to receive a release date.


Nadin Amizah made her debut in 2018 with the single ‘Rumpang’. She followed up the single with a string of releases in 2019, including the single ‘Amin Paling Serius’ with Sal Priadi.

In 2020, Amizah collaborated with Kunto Aji for the track ‘Selaras’ before releasing her debut album ‘Selamat Ulang Tahun’.

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