Hear Pablo Cikaso’s ’80s remixes of The Adams and White Shoes & The Couples Company

The remixes arrive ahead of his upcoming debut album

Bandung-based producer Pablo Cikaso has given an ’80s spin to singles by Indonesian indie veterans The Adams and White Shoes & The Couples Company (WSATCC).

Cikas remixed two tracks: ‘Konservatif’ by the Adams and WSATCC’s ‘Besandar’. Both remixes were uploaded onto major streaming services on Friday (June 25).

The producer had previously uploaded the remixes unannounced on YouTube, but the tracks received their official release last week via imprint Demajors.


Listen to the remixes below.

“I recorded the songs initially for fun because I grew up listening to those tracks,” he said, as quoted by Billboard Indonesia. “My latest exploration captures the sound and culture popularised in the ’80s era.”

Pablo Cikaso, real name Raka Surya, had earlier sent the tracks to Demajors, which assisted him in gaining approval from the bands for their release.

“I’ve never imagined before that that our song ‘Konservatif’ would be composed in an ’80s city pop style, which is an interesting take,” Saleh Husein, the vocalist and guitarist of The Adams told Detik.


“Pablo Cikaso offers a different mood, creatively interprets his music, which can be heard in any condition.”

According to Billboard Indonesia, the two songs will also be released in vinyl format soon. The tracks’ release also come ahead of Pablo Cikaso’s upcoming debut album.

Pablo Cikaso released his four-track EP ‘Nada Di Utara’ (‘Pulse at the North’) in 2020. He also released a string of singles, including covers of the late Utha Likumahuwa’s hit ‘Sesaat Kau Hadir’ (‘The Time You Were Here’) and Mondo Gascaro’s ‘Dan Bila’ (‘And When’).

Meanwhile, WSATCC dropped a cinematic music video for their single ‘Irama Cita’ in May, while The Adams released a music video for their track ‘Esok’ last September.