Hear Rara Sekar’s new emotive single as Hara, ‘Kebun Terakhir’

The Banda Neira and Daramuda member readies a solo EP 'Kenduri', out in June

Indonesian singer-songwriter Rara Sekar Larasati has dropped a new song under the moniker Hara, ‘Kebun Terakhir’ (‘The Last Garden’).

The track is taken from the Bandung-born artist’s upcoming EP ‘Kenduri’, and arrived on streaming services today (May 24).

‘Kebun Terakhir’ is about the hope that constantly endures, no matter how little, during suffering, per her Bandcamp page, and was inspired by the struggles of Indonesian farmers defending their land.


Listen to the ambient folk track below.

Her latest track is Rara Sekar’s second as Hara, after the first single ‘Ati Bolong’ released October 2020.

The upcoming Hara EP ‘Kenduri’ (named for a Javanese harvest ritual) is slated for a digital release on June 7 – marking her first mini-album as a solo artist.

Like ‘Kebun Terakhir’, the EP is inspired by her search for hope amid the pandemic, which she found in her garden.

Hara is the solo project of 30-year-old musician Rara Sekar Larasati, who began her musical career as a vocalist for the folk band Banda Neira alongside guitarist Ananda Badudu in 2012.


The duo released two albums and two mini-albums, starting with the EP ‘Di Paruh Waktu’ (‘In Due Time’) in 2012. The group released their second full-length album ‘Yang Patah Tumbuh Yang Hilang Berganti’ (‘What’s Broken Grows, What’s Missing is Replaced’) before disbanding in 2016.

Following her departure from Banda Neira, Rara Sekar joined forces with fellow Indonesian artists Danilla Riyadi and Sandrayati Fay as the band Daramuda. The trio released their debut album ‘Salam Kenal’ (‘Greetings’) in 2019, followed by the four-track EP ‘Pertigaan’ (‘Trio’) in 2020, before breaking up in April that year.