Watch Reese Lansangan’s joyful video for latest single ‘What Is This Feeling?’

A DIY music video shot with her sister

Filipino singer-songwriter Reese Lansangan has released a music video for her latest single ‘What Is This Feeling?’.

The track, which arrived on March 30, is the first single from her sophomore album, which will be released May 30. On April 11, Lansangan premiered a music video for ‘What Is This Feeling?’, in which she frolics through nature and dances under a gazebo.

“I’m not a dancer by any stretch, but shooting this with my sister was an exercise of letting go of my inhibitions and just acting by pure feeling,” she said in a statement accompanying the video. “When I finished writing ‘What Is This Feeling?’ back in 2018, I was dancing around our living room, just bursting for joy. I wanted to capture that elation again.”


The music video also ends with a card that reads “Reese Lansangan / time well spent / The second album”. Given the cryptic way Lansangan revealed the existence of the single in the first place – a puzzle and a password-protected website – this could be a clue to the album’s title or next single.

Watch the video for ‘What Is This Feeling?’ below:

‘What Is This Feeling?’ may sound familiar to long-term subscribers to Lansangan’s Patreon. The artist revealed that she had shared the song on Patreon in 2018, though “the final version ended up sounding a bit different, production-wise”. She added, “It’s truly, truly a fave of mine.”

In a statement about the single, Lansangan said: “This song is about change, about the turn of the tides. It’s a step towards the sun. It’s about honouring the growth that happens inside of us, and the time that it takes to get there. If this song was a character, I imagine it charging through a paper wall and bursting out.”

Lansangan’s last album was her debut album in 2015 ‘Arigato, Internet!’. She also released a five-track EP last October titled ‘Playing Pretend In The Interim’.


Last year, she also released the singles ‘My Sweet Hometown’ and ‘Tenderfoot’. She was also involved in NASA’s #LaunchAmerica campaign with the song ‘A Song About Space’, which was featured in a promotional video leading up to the SpaceX launch.

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