Hear two new songs by Hindia, Rayhan Noor and Aldrian Risjad in first monthly mini-album by label Sun Eater

A fresh volume of 'Sounds Cute Might Delete Later' will drop each month up till the end of 2021

Indonesian musicians Hindia, Rayhan Noor, and Aldrian Risjad have released two new songs as the mini-album ‘Sounds Cute Might Delete Later Vol. 1’.

The release was produced by label Sun Eater, which plans to release a series of mini-albums under the same title monthly through the rest of 2021.

Its first edition sees Hindia – aka Baskara Putra, also frontman of .Feast – team up with Rayhan Noor, his bandmate in Lomba Sihir, for the wistful indie pop tune ‘Hari Yang Baik Untuk Berhohong’. Meanwhile, its companion track, ‘Samudra, Samudra’ by youngest Sun Eater soloist Aldrian Risjad, trades in the sunny vibes for an introspective affair.


Listen to the mini-album below.

The series of releases was conceived by Sun Eater as a way to combat the creative limits imposed by the country’s ongoing pandemic crisis.

“We feel that it’s not the right time for us to release any major materials such as [concept] albums & mini albums at the moment. Music isn’t the primary need at a time like this and everyone else is focusing on what would truly matter instead,” said Baskara Putra, who also serves as Sun Eater’s A&R head, in a press statement.

“With that, we feel that it’s better to release songs that would entertain and lighten the mood without having to turn your head away from the pandemic.”


Other artists lined up to release new music under this series include .Feast, Agatha Pricilla, Seda, Mantra Vutura, Glaskaca, Maseta, Fufufu (Natasha Udu & Awan) and more.

“The musicians involved do not stray far from Sun Eater’s beloved family and dear friends but it is open to whoever wants to join,” Baskara continued.

As its title indicates, the mini-album series collects songs that aren’t self-serious, or as the label puts it, ‘a songdump’.

“We want to provide a platform for projects that have been brewing in the mind of our friends,” Baskara added. “Projects that have not been realised because they would know where to pour them on to.”

Earlier this month, Baskara Putra, as Hindia, released a music video for his solo track ‘Untuk Apa/Untuk Apa?’ that directly addressed the struggles Indonesians have been facing during the pandemic.