Hindia, Rendy Pandugo and Petra Sihombing to perform for ‘Bersatu Untuk Merdeka’ concert

The concert will also feature veteran rock musician Iwan Fals

Indonesian musicians Hindia, Rendy Pandugo and Petra Sihombing are scheduled to perform for an upcoming concert titled Bersatu Untuk Merdeka this weekend.

The concert, scheduled to take place on Saturday (August 28) will also feature veteran Indonesian singer-songwriter Iwan Fals. Bersatu Untuk Merdeka is being organized in celebration of the country’s independence celebrations through the month of August.

Bersatu Untuk Merdeka will be livestreamed for free via the official IM3 Ooredoo YouTube channel from 7pm WIB onwards.


The four artists are also expected to perform their collaborative single ‘Satu Satu’, which they recorded for the Merdeka celebrations hosted by IM3 Ooredoo. A music video for ‘Satu Satu’ premiered on August 11 and has since garnered over 28million views.

Watch the music video for ‘Satu Satu’ below.

Earlier this month, Hindia released a music video for his 2019 track ‘Untuk Apa/Untuk Apa?’. The video features a series of concerning COVID-19 news reports and pandemic statistics.

Pandugo – who released a six-track EP entitled ‘See You Someday’ earlier this year – most recently collaborated with Oslo Ibrahim for the poignant single, ‘Blanket Of Sadness’.


While Petra Sihombing has yet to release any original material this year, he has produced and written multiple tracks for other artists including Gangga and Titi Radio Padmaja and Stephanie Poetri.