Hindia shares sombre new music video for ‘Untuk Apa/Untuk Apa?’ about Indonesia’s pandemic struggles

Baskara Putra says the 2019 song has taken on a new meaning since the pandemic began

Indonesian musician Hindia has released a new music video for his 2019 track ‘Untuk Apa/Untuk Apa?’.

The music video was uploaded onto YouTube on Sunday (August 1), two years after the track was released as part of his 2019 solo album ‘Menari Dengan Bayangan’.

The first half of the video features a series of concerning COVID-19 news reports, while the latter half sees the musician singing in a dark room as pandemic statistics flash around him.


Watch the music video for ‘Untuk Apa/Untuk Apa?’ below.

Hindia – real name Baskara Putra – explained the music video’s significance in a lengthy post on Instagram. He revealed that he had been going through songs from his discography while preparing for the recent Safe Room virtual concert last weekend, and while doing so he discovered new meanings to the 2019 track.

While ‘Untuk Apa/Untuk Apa?’ was originally inspired by facing crossroads in life, the dissolution of relationships or struggles in pursuing a career, Hindia said he realised the song could also serve as a comment on the incompetence of policymakers amid the pandemic.

Hindia’s latest music video and comments on the COVID-19 situation in Indonesia follow a lengthy note that he shared in July, in which he called on Indonesians to take the pandemic seriously.


Throughout the post, he acknowledged the government failures in managing the pandemic, but also pointed out the importance of individual responsibility: “Yes, our government’s policy is a mess. However, we all must admit that we’re all responsible for this dreadful situation as well, including me.”

Indonesia has currently reported a total of 3.41million COVID-19 cases detected, with 94,119 reported deaths. The country reported 30,738 new cases and 1604 deaths on August 1, according to the Indonesian government.

Besides Hindia and his band .Feast, the Safe Room concert on July 31 featured Afgan, Kunto Aji, Nadin Amizah and many more Indonesian artists. Its page on fundraising platform Kitabisa shows that the concert has raised over RP205million for COVID-19 relief so far.