HIVI! release ‘Mengapa Baru Sekarang’ with Gerald Situmorang, Sri Hanuraga and Ify Alyssa

The final preview of their upcoming collaborative album

Indonesian pop band HIVI! have released ‘Mengapa Baru Sekarang’, the third and final single from their collaborative album with Gerald Situmorang, Sri Hanuraga and Ify Alyssa, ‘Bermain Rintik Di Musim Hujan’.

Released on April 8 on major streaming platforms, the single – which was written by Febrian Nindyo and Neida Aleida of HIVI! alongside Ify Alyssa and produced by Gerald Situmorang – addresses the theme of meeting the right person at the wrong time.

In a statement, Ilham Aditama of HIVI! explained that the single encapsulates “the moment in transition where someone who recently went through a breakup immediately enters a relationship with someone else,” leading that person to wonder if this new relationship will be a new beginning or another cause for regret.


Listen to ‘Mengapa Baru Sekarang’ below.

‘Mengapa Baru Sekarang’ follows the release of the singles ‘Memori’ earlier this year in February and ‘Rintik Hujan’ in December 2021. It will be the last single from the album before ‘Bermain Rintik Di Musim Hujan’ is released sometime later this year, though the artists have not revealed the exact release date.

HIVI! and their collaborators have also created a three-part ‘Bermain Rintik Di Musim Hujan’ mini-series on YouTube that narrates the themes of the album, featuring the artists taking on the point of view roles of characters from the album. All three episodes are now available on Ify Alyssa, Gerald Situmorang and HIVI!’s YouTube channels.

Febrian Nindyo, Ilham Aditama, Neida Aleida and Ezra Mandira first formed HIVI! in 2009 before going on to release their debut album ‘Say Hi! To HIVI!’ in 2012. Their second album, 2017’s ‘Kereta Kencan’, was named Album of The Year at the 2018 Indonesia Choice Awards off the success of singles like ‘Pelangi Merakiti Perahu’ and ‘Remaja’. HIVI! released their third and most recent album in 2019, ‘Ceritera’.