HNATA and Justin Adijanto enlist Basboi for new single ‘Roller Coaster’

The track will feature on HNATA and Adijanto’s upcoming EP, ‘Lauren’

Indonesian producers HNATA and Justin Adijanto have released a new track, ‘Roller Coaster’, featuring rapper/singer Basboi.

The track was released on Friday (May 28) via MFNE. The evocative song touches upon the turbulence of a relationship where both parties are undecided on where things are headed.

‘Roller Coaster’ features bright production, reminiscent of early-2010s pop and R&B. The song was mixed by Erik Soto – who has worked with Basboi and BAPAK. in the past – before receiving additional mixing by Kwon Nam Woo (DPR Live, Taeyeon) in South Korea.


Listen to ‘Roller Coaster’ below.

“I feel like with this song, it showcases another side of HNATA people are already somewhat familiar with, but at the same time, Justin’s production brings out a different shade of colour to what people are expecting,” HNATA said in a press statement.

‘Roller Coaster’ is the second track from HNATA and Adijanto’s upcoming EP, ‘Lauren’. The first track, ‘Cappucino (Can I Help You?)’ arrived in March this year and tells the story of a character embracing the thrills that come with a new romance.

HNATA explained that ‘Roller Coaster’ expands upon ‘Cappucino’’s narrative, showcasing “somewhat of an insecurity”. “It’s just a regular thing that us boys also go through whenever we’re trying to make moves on people we are interested in,” he added.

‘Lauren’ is due out later this month, although a firm release date has yet to be announced. The EP, which was inspired by “romcoms and K-dramas”. will centre on a barista named Lauren, who seeks “adventure and excitement from her mundane day-to-day life”.


Prior to the release of ‘Roller Coaster’, Basboi released a solo single in April titled ‘CHING’. The track delved into the rapper’s dreams of fame and success. It was also the last single to be released ahead of his upcoming album later this month.