Hook Entertainment CEO makes statement after Lee Seung-gi asks agency to account for his revenue

“Regardless of whether they are true, I am so ashamed,” the CEO said of recent "bad stories" published about the talent agency

Hook Entertainment’s CEO has issued a statement after the agency made headlines for Lee Seung-gi’s request that the company account for his music revenue.

On November 22, Hook Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin-young made a statement to press regarding recent “bad stories” about the agency. Though Kwon was not specific, these presumably refer to singer-actor Lee Seung-gi’s recent request for full report on the revenue made from his music-related activities. At the time, the agency said that it was “working hard to resolve the issue amicably without any misunderstandings between the two parties.”

“As bad stories have been coming out about me and our agency from news outlets recently, regardless of whether they are true, I am so ashamed,” Kwon told StarNews, as translated by Soompi. “Everything is due to my negligence and lack of discretion, so I feel ashamed and apologetic.”


“As mentioned in our previous press release, we ask for your understanding that we are currently in the organisation stage to fact-check, and that we are refraining from releasing a statement of our position because this could be dealt with legally,” she added.

Kwon went on to add that she and the agency will take all responsibility for the results of the ongoing investigations into the recent controversy, adding: “Hook Entertainment and I will do our best to make sure that this will not interfere with the entertainment promotions of our agency stars.”

Kwon’s statement came a day after South Korean media outlet Dispatch published a report claiming that Lee has not been paid for any of his music since debuting under the agency in 2004. According to the report, an official from Hook Entertainment had mistakenly sent Lee information on his music revenue.

Dispatch claims that after finding out that his music was making profit, Lee shared the news with a fellow musician and friend. The unnamed musician then allegedly questioned Lee about his terms of contract with the agency, as they believed Lee should have been earning more than what he had been told. That allegedly led Lee to request a full report on his music revenue. Neither Lee nor Hook Entertainment has responded to these claims made by Dispatch.