Horse Planet Police Department to release remixes of debut album ‘Enter Music’

Hear Kkomodo's hypnotic rework of 'Glory Days' now

Indonesian alt-rock band Horse Planet Police Department will release a remix album of their 2020 debut ‘Enter Music’.

The Bogor band collaborated with 10 Indonesian producers for the remixes. These include three members of the band, operating under artist aliases: Ardy Pangihutan as Steppenkitten, Naufal Dzaky as byfusée and Jajang Nurjaman as Zaman. The remixes will be released as a complete album on April 30.

The first remix, Kkomodo’s take on ‘Glory Days’, was released last Friday (April 9). Horse Planet Police Department will follow up with Steppenkitten’s rework of ‘99%lovesong’ this Friday, and Pandji Dharma’s remix of ‘Myth Mind Molecules’ the week after.


“This album is intended to be a platform for so many distinct electronic/dance music works that dare to be different from what’s currently ‘it’ in the local scene,” a press statement by the band reads.

Listen to Kkomodo’s distorted remix of ‘Glory Days’ below:

Originally a solo project of producer and DJ Ardy Pangihutan back in 2013, Horse Planet Police Department are now a four-piece band including fellow producers Aliefta Widhiawan, Jajang Nurjaman and Naufal Dzaky.

The band released their self-titled EP in 2017, which featured ‘War Is Over (But I Keep One Bullet Left)’, a song from the soundtrack of the Indonesian rom-com series Unscripted Man.

Horse Planet Police Department’s debut full-length album ‘Enter Music’ came out last November.


The month before its release, Horse Planet Police Department were one of a few Asian acts who performed for Australian livestream series Isol-Aid. They performed alongside the likes of Filipino singer Ruru, Thai dystopian pop artist Pyra and South Korean psychedelia group Silica Gel.