Howie Lee fights a zombie with a lightsaber in ‘Double Kings’ music video

The Beijing electronic musician stars in his eye-popping new clip

Beijing electronic artist Howie Lee has unveiled an eye-popping music video for ‘Double Kings’, featuring ancient zombies, lightsabers, triads and a boss battle that echoes the best of classic Ultraman fare.

The video stages a tale of good vs evil as a jiangshi, a zombie derived from ancient Chinese folklore, descends upon a city. Lee plays a triad boss who squares up with the invader,  while shirtless and armed with a lightsaber.

The battle descends into bloodshed but the clip wraps up with a happy ending, complete with children’s TV costumes and a celebratory dance.


The five-minute video was produced in partnership with visual collective 18 UPPERCUT and creative studio TMRRW. Watch it below.

Shanghai-based collective 18 UPPERCUT spoke about making the music video with Lee: “Setting out on this project we wanted to explore the themes of Howie’s music through a piece that paid homage to our childhood influences, while presenting it in a way that is modern and would resonate with a new generation.”

‘Double Kings’ is taken off Lee’s 2019 album ‘Tiān Dì Bù Rén’, released under his label Do Hits. More recently, Lee dropped a set of club tracks on Belgian label Maloca Records titled ‘7 WEapons Series’.

Stream ‘Tiān Dì Bù Rén’ below.