Hullera joins forces with AE$OP CA$H, Matter Mos and Tuantigabelas on new song ‘Siapa Lagi’

"I feel proud to have a song that represents Nusantara, it's one of the things that bring us together"

Malaysian rapper Hullera has dropped a groovy single ‘Siapa Lagi’ featuring Singaporean emcee AE$OP CA$H, and Indonesian musicians Matter Mos and Tuan Tigabelas.

The song arrived on streaming services today (April 12) after its music video premiered on YouTube on Friday (April 9). The lyrics of ‘Siapa Lagi’ call on rappers in the region to come together and break out. “If not us, (then) who else?” Hullera raps repeatedly on the chorus.

Watch the black and white music video, in which Hullera cruises around by herself on a skateboard and BMX bicycle:



Hullera said ‘Siapa Lagi’ – which is mostly sung in Malay – is her celebration of the Nusantara, or the Malay archipelago of Southeast Asia.

“I feel proud to have a song that represents Nusantara, it’s one of the things that bring us together,” Hullera told NME. Though she felt intimidated by the guest artists on the song, knowing their presence would only invite comparisons, she still took the plunge: “I feel like I took the risk of asking these rappers for a collab knowing that they’re great and it challenges me, but I still did it because if I don’t learn from those who are better, I will forever stay in the same place.”

She and the other rappers recorded their parts separately, Hullera explained. “They have their own uniqueness, so I’m attracted to the versatility. I really enjoyed working on this song even though we could not meet and vibe together, but it’s really easy to work with professionals like them. Distance doesn’t stop us from making music.”

She added: “I’m not expecting to have a million views in a day, but if it does, Alhamdulillah. As long as the song sounds good, listeners who enjoy the song are enough to make us happy and lift our spirits to make more new songs.”


‘Siapa Lagi’ comes less than a month after Hullera dropped a music video for her melodic single ‘Obsesiku’ in which she is seen traveling on a magic carpet around Malaysia and Singapore. ‘Siapa Lagi’ is also the follow-up to her last single, the dancey ‘Mamat’.

Meanwhile, ‘Siapa Lagi’ marks the first track of 2021 for AE$OP CA$H. Last year, the Singaporean artist dropped several singles such as ‘Bad Company’ featuring Akeem Jahat, and ‘Rager’ with Jjdroy. He also released a four-track EP titled ‘YSL2’.

Matter Mos, on the other hand, has featured on several singles this year including ‘Robbery’ and ‘The Takeover’ with SpydeeMatter, as well as ‘Prime Matter’ with Insthinc and Prime Mannifez.

In January, Tuan Tigabelas released his single ‘Rumah’ (‘Home’) after releasing his first full-length album ‘Harimau Soematra’ (‘Sumatran Tiger’) in 2020.