Hwasa and Loco have an unconventional adventure in new ‘Somebody!’ music video

The follow-up to their 2018 hit ‘Don’t’ is here

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa and South Korean rapper Loco have returned with the music video for their new single titled ‘Somebody!’.

In the whimsical new music video, Hwasa and Loco go on an adventure to several abandoned places, including a construction site and indoor pool. The pair begin to explore each location, leaving stickers in their wake. They eventually come across a forklift, and hitch a ride on the vehicle to sightsee.

Follow your feeling / We are trying to melt the frozen old days / Don’t go around / Let’s fly, yeah, over the cloud / Let’s go far away,” sings the MAMAMOO vocalist in the chorus. ‘Somebody!’ is accompanied by one B-side, titled ‘Lemon’.


‘Somebody’ marks the second time the two musicians have worked together since their 2018 hit ‘Don’t’. The new project comes nearly a year after Loco’s last release ‘Just Like This’ featuring South Korean singer George, which had marked his 11th digital single.

In a recent interview with NME at HallyuPopFest London 2022, the MAMAMOO singer revealed that her debut solo studio album had been put “slightly on hold”, as the process had not been going “as smoothly as [she’d] hoped”.

“I don’t like challenges – just short, impactful fun,” Hwasa shared at the time. “After some thought, I realised I don’t have a lot of very energetic and fun songs in my portfolio so that’s what I’m going to work towards.”

Additionally, RBW Entertainment confirmed last month that MAMAMOO are in the middle of preparations for a brand-new album and have plans to hold a concert later this year. “To commemorate the eighth anniversary of their debut, the four members are currently preparing to release a new full-group album and hold a concert of their own,” the agency said.

“They are aiming for sometime in the second half of this year,” RBW Entertainment shared, adding that further details regarding the release and concert would be revealed at a later date.

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