Ice Cube provides update on Mt. Westmore’s debut album: “We getting cocked and loaded”

The supergroup sees Cube joining forces with Snoop Dogg, E-40 and Too Short

Ice Cube has delivered an update on new music from Mt. Westmore, the supergroup he formed last year alongside Snoop Dogg, E-40 and Too Short.

The four rappers originally announced plans to release their debut album back in March, but it failed to materialise.

However, Ice Cube says the group are still preparing to drop their debut album.


“We getting our ducks in a row,” Cube recently told The Breakfast Club. “When we did Fight Club Triller, we had a lot of opportunities coming at us and we had to kind of sift through them and see what was the best route.

“I believe we figured it out so we getting cocked and loaded. We getting our visuals together because when we hit, we want to keep rolling.”

Ice Cube also confirmed that Dr. Dre will be making a guest appearance on the album, but he was unsure if Dre will appear in a production capacity.

“He rapped on it for sure. [Dre’s] definitely on the verse, but I’m not sure if he gave us any production,” Cube explained.

“We have recorded somewhere in the neighbourhood of 50 songs. Volume 1 will be released in April and the rest of the volumes will follow,” Too Short told DJ Vlad in a recent interview, formally announcing the project.


“At the age we’re at is a good time to do a thing like this and kind of extend your career a bit in a different way… The minute we join forces, we get a handful of new business opportunities that none of us would’ve had.”

Back in December, Too Short revealed details of the project and its origins when appearing on the podcast of MC Serch.

“I get a call during the early part of the quarantine from E-40 and Ice Cube going, ‘Man, we feel like we should do an album. Me, you, it’s E-40, Cube, Too Short and Snoop Dogg’,” he said (via HipHop-N-More).

“And I’m like… ‘E-40 and Too Short are from the Bay, Snoop Dogg and Cube are from L.A. and we are like the West Coast foundation.’ We sat there and was like, ‘Fuck it, let’s do it.’ So, we start coming up with beats.”