Iggy Azalea criticises YouTube and “rigged as fuck” Grammy Awards

"The whole music industry is the same way..."

Iggy Azalea has claimed that “The Grammys are rigged as fuck” while criticising YouTube and the wider music industry.

The Australian rapper took to Twitter on Sunday (April 4) to express her “disappointment” at YouTube for not promoting the “controversial” video for her recent collaborative single with Tyga, ‘Sip It’.

“So @YouTube won’t recommended [sic] my video or add it to trending because of the ‘content in the video’,” Azalea wrote. “I’ve waited 48 hours and still can’t get a real answer from anyone at YouTube about why they have far more controversial videos in their trending list as week speak.”


In a follow-up tweet, she added: “I’m really disappointed because I’m indie and I depend on things like that for streaming. I sent my video in to their staff a week prior and they told me it was perfect, no issues.

“I don’t really feel like it’s fair, and I really wish someone at YouTube would resolve it.”

One fan responded by saying the sexually charged ‘Sip It’ video “wasn’t even that bad y’all was just twerking”, adding that they didn’t understand YouTube’s reasoning. “Agreed,” replied Azalea. “It’s so dumb.”

Posting on Twitter the following day (April 5), the musician claimed that the video was “still not being recommended” by YouTube – but had registered 3.4million views on the platform regardless (at the time of writing, the clip has been watched more than 4.4million times).


Elsewhere, Azalea turned her attention to The Grammys – claiming that the awards ceremony is “rigged as fuck”. You can see a screenshot below via The Neighborhood Talk.

“Y’all know that now and collectively agree but forget that the whole [music] biz is ran by the same mfs planning THAT event… so why don’t you believe the whole industry is the same way… This YALL logic,” she continued.

Azalea and Tyga’s joint track ‘Sip It’ comes after the pair teamed up in 2018 with ‘Kream’, which appears on the former’s fourth EP ‘Survive The Summer’.

Back in 2019, Iggy Azalea was involved in a bitter feud with former mentor T.I. In an interview, the Hustle Gang rapper described Azalea as his “biggest blunder” after he helped her to secure fame back in 2012.

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