Indonesian artists Cellosux, Angelana and more unite for collaborative EP ‘It’s Not So Sunny’

The collaborative project was recorded over three days during the Rekam Kamar Camp

Seven up-and-coming Indonesian musicians have collaborated to release a joint EP entitled ‘It’s Not So Sunny’.

The collaborative project features singer-songwriter and producer Cellosux, bedroom pop singer Angelana, singer-songwriters Nadhif Basalamah and Irsyad Agni, producer RMHRTO, indie-pop duo LUZERN and pop-punk band Ringgo 5.

‘It’s Not So Sunny’ – out last Friday – was recorded over the course of three days, when the above musicians banded together for a songwriting session dubbed the Rekam Kamar Camp, otherwise known as REKAMP at the Rekam Kamar studio in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Listen to the collaborative EP below.

“This idea started right after a futsal game, whilst exchanging stories about the difficulties of making music these days. Suddenly Rama thought, maybe we could create a fun collaboration too, especially among all of us who are still struggling as musicians,” said Ringgo 5 vocalist Nabil in a press statement.

The recording process of ‘It’s Not So Sunny’ was filmed, and has been uploaded onto YouTube. Watch the first episode below.

Cellosux, who most recently co-wrote and produced Rasyiqa’s debut single ‘Reckless’, made his debut in 2018 and has notably released a stream of singles this year, including ‘LOSER’ in late May.


Newcomer Angelana debuted in February with the single ’28’ followed by ‘Pretend’ in August. Producer RMHRTO will make his debut with the record, while indie-pop duo LUZERN formed in 2020 and have released one single, ‘B L O O M’, to date.

Nadhif Basalamah – who debuted in 2018 – recently released two singles this year, ‘Something More’ and ‘Letting Go’, while Irsyad Agni debuted this year and has released five songs so far.

Pop-punk band Ringgo 5 released their debut album ‘Emotion’ in 2017 followed by their 2020 EP ‘Not Alone, Just Lonely’.