Indonesian band Jamrud to release new album this Friday

A revamped version of ‘God Gave Rock ’n Roll To Me’, the album the rockers released and retracted in 2017

Indonesian rock band Jamrud have confirmed that they will release a new album this Friday (January 15).

In an Instagram Live session with HAI Online on January 11, guitarist Aziz MS said that the album, ‘God Gave Rock ’n Roll To Me’, was originally released in March 2017, but was retracted due to changes in the band’s management which affected the distribution rights.

Featuring two fresh tracks as well as brand-new mixing and mastering, the new version of the album was finished during the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be dominated by the roaring sounds Jamrud was known for in the mid-1990s, Aziz said, though the new songs will be more accessible for listeners.


One of the new songs, ‘Hanya Teman’ (‘Just Friends’), was released in August 2020 and features an acoustic sound tinged with horns. Hear it below:

Aziz shared that all Jamrud personnel were deeply involved in the new album, from the recording to promotion to distribution. “We did it all on our own, which made us feel young at heart again,” he said with a laugh.

Watch Aziz’s interview below:

The guitarist also said that the band would love to hold concerts in-person once the pandemic subsides. “Jamrud live for our interaction with the audience. During the pandemic, we did play in a few virtual shows and it was impossible to attain the audience’s energy and atmosphere,” he said.


“It was worlds apart from our live shows in front of thousands of people who gave their all, and that was our fuel for being onstage.”

The group began in 1984 as a cover band named Jam Rock. Their name was later changed to Jamrud in 1995 due to a request from renowned producer Log Zhelebour, who signed the band to his label Logiss Records.

Jamrud have released 13 studio albums so far and were among Indonesia’s best-selling music acts in the late ’90s. Their track ‘Pelangi Di Matamu’ (‘Rainbow in Your Eyes’) was named the best rock song and ‘Ningrat’ the best rock album at the 2001 Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI) Awards.

Vocalist Krisyanto left the band in 2007 in pursuit of a solo career and later returned to Jamrud in 2011.