Indonesian band Slank release new album ‘Vaksin Slank’

The long-running rockers' quarantine album, remotely recorded in different locations

Indonesian rock band Slank have released a new album, ‘Vaksin Slank’ (‘Slank Vaccine’).

Released on Monday (January 18), the record is the 24th album from the Jakarta-based band, written and recorded during the coronavirus pandemic.

Prior to ‘Vaksin Slank’, Slank’s latest album was ‘Slanking Forever’, released in August 2019. That album was recorded in the oldest music studio in Indonesia, Lokananta, in Surakarta, Central Java.


There is currently no word on whether ‘Vaksin Slank’ will get a digital release. You can purchase the album in CD format on the band’s official store.

In a virtual press conference on January 18, the band said that the album is packed with concoctions that can “guard the body’s immunity from bad viruses”, Antaranews reported.

All 10 songs on ‘Vaksin Slank’ were written by drummer Bimo Setiawan or Bimbim, with themes that include love, the environment, social justice and the youth.

“The songs were written in 2020, as a reflection of what’s happened. Hopefully the album can be as a sort of a guide in dealing with the pandemic,” Bimbim said in the press conference.


With social restrictions in place, band members recorded ‘Vaksin Slank’ separately. Singer Akhadi Wira Satriaji (also known as Kaka) recorded his vocals on the island of Banda Neira, Maluku, located around 2,600 kilometres away from the capital city of Jakarta. At the time, Kaka was involved in a COVID-19 health campaign that brought him to the island.

Guitarist Abdee Negara, who has been on a break from the band due to health issues since 2015, participated in mixing three songs on the album.

Slank released the music video for single ‘New Normal Cinta’ (‘New Normal’s Love’) on January 1. Watch the clip, which follows a couple on a date during the pandemic to a Slank streetside performance, below.

Founded in 1983, Slank went on to become one of the biggest bands in Indonesia with a concoction of rock ‘n’ roll and blues along with a devotion to social and political issues. Three original members, Pay Burman, Bongky Marcel and Indra Qadarsih, left the band in 1996. They were replaced by Negara, Ivanka and guitarist Ridho Hafiedz.

The band have won numerous Anugerah Musik Indonesia awards, including Best Rock Album for ‘Tujuh’ (1997) and ‘OST Generasi Biru’ (2010).