Indonesian duo Dead Bachelors collaborate with Pamungkas on new single ‘Two Bottles of Wine’

The track arrives ahead of the duo's third EP 'New Favorite Songs'

Indonesian pop duo Dead Bachelors have teamed up with singer-songwriter Pamungkas in a soothing single titled ‘Two Bottles of Wine’.

Inspired by loneliness due to the coronavirus pandemic, ‘Two Bottles Of Wine’ was co-written and co-produced by Pamungkas, who also contributes backing vocals. The track also arrives ahead of Dead Bachelors’ third EP ‘New Favorite Songs’ expected later this year.

“I wrote this song when I was going through a phase where I felt so lonely – but I never expected that the outcome led me to working with such great friends,” Dead Bachelors drummer Mario Pratama said.


“I hope that this song can also be a reminder to us all that even when we feel so lonely, we’re not really alone.”

Watch the music video for ‘Two Bottles Of Wine’, which takes on a playful sci-fi theme and retro VHS-style effects:

Dead Bachelors, who are Mario Pratama and Eda (real name Narendra Pawaka), said this collaboration was nostalgic as Eda and Pamungkas had previously worked together in a band called Potenzio.

Pamungkas said he liked the song after hearing a draft and was very enthusiastic about the collaboration. “We’ve known each other for more than 10 years and we’ve been in a band together for almost seven years – that experience gave me the idea of which door I should knock to open Eda’s deepest side,” he said.

Dead Bachelors is a musical project formed in 2019 by Eda and Mario, who are Indonesian radio personalities known as Buo Budjang.


In 2019, Dead Bachelors released their debut single ‘Truth or Dare’, followed by an EP titled ‘New Lover’. In March 2020, they released ‘A Kiss You Can’t Take Back’ before launching their second EP ‘New Kid in Town’ and receiving three nominations at the Anugerah Musik Indonesia awards.

On the other hand, Pamungkas unveiled a self-directed music video for ‘Queen Of The Hearts’ in August and is on the line-up of the virtual Revive Arcade Festival taking place December.