Indonesian electro-pop duo Santamonica return with magnetic single ‘Wanderlust’

A cover of fellow Indonesian electronic duo KimoKal

Indonesian electronic pop duo Santamonica have released the new single ‘Wanderlust’, marking the group’s comeback after almost 14 years.

A cover of fellow Indonesian electronic duo KimoKal’s 2018 single, ‘Wanderlust’ combines Joseph Saryuf’s sonic finesse and the ethereal vocals of Anindita Saryuf. The track is available exclusively on Joox.

Preview the song below and stream it in full here:



In December, KimoKal also covered Santamonica’s 2007 single ‘Wanderlust’, also released on Joox. The mutual covers of ‘Wanderlust’ are part of covers series commissioned by the streaming service. Last month, Indonesian rock bands Kelompok Penerbang Roket and The Brandals covered each other’s songs as part of this series.

Preview KimoKal’s cover of Santamonica below and stream it in full here:

Joseph Saryuf of Santamonica, who arranged and produced the cover, said that he added new musical elements previously foreign to him. “With the long break from our last effort as a group and through my explorations as a producer for other musicians, the song is influenced by many things,” he explained in a statement.


The song was arranged over the course of of 30 days, and features bolder percussion and a wider sonic palette than the KimoKal original.

“As a producer, I always want to dig into new things and we open ourselves for anything. We always strive to go forward, perhaps unconsciously to avoid the same ‘formula’. We seek to always reinvent ourselves as musicians,” Joseph said of Santamonica.

Also a founding member of electronic group Direct Action, Joseph also served as producer on releases such as The Brandals’ 2010 record ‘DGNR8’ and Lala Karmela’s 2013 album ‘Between Us’.

Santamonica were founded in 2003 and cited shoegaze and electronica acts such as My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, Air and Slowdive as inspirations.

They released their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’ in 2007. Characterised by fusions of electro-pop, bossa nova and shoegaze, the album was widely regarded as one of Indonesia’s best records of 2007.

The limited edition of ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’ was released in Japan under JVC/Victor Entertainment Inc. in 2009, and Santamonica released the record on vinyl in August 2020 under Indonesia’s LaMunai Records. A remix of Santamonica’s ‘Wanderlust’ was added as a bonus track.

Watch their ‘Wanderlust’ video below: